Beauty Fashion Style

Things I love—Style…and saving money!

What I love even more—A BARGAIN (seen here)

Photo Nov 05, 8 09 36 PM

What you must understand, you need patience to thrift.  My thrifting includes garage sales, consignment shops, clearance racks at any store, donations (people giving away clothing they cannot fit) and of course—Goodwill.  On any day, my outfit will not cost more than $20.  How?  I purchase primarily items under $20, including the mall and boutique stores.  I do have exceptions—a leather bag (still on clearance, I will never pay full price for anything), shoes (although most of my shoes are under $50 and still purchased on a thrift trip), and of course—makeup. I splurge on great makeup and skincare—no way around buying cheap items for your skin.

My style? Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Michelle Obama, on a budget!

Keep up here and I’ll show you how I achieve my looks for less!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

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